Payment Apps

At Coin Meter, we offer 3 different payment apps for your convenience. Please choose the one that fits your needs below.

Discover Our Payment App Partners

CleanPay App

Simply use CleanPay Mobile to purchase credit right from the app, then use that credit for your laundry. A full accounting is available to see your transaction purchase history.

• Scan the QR code of your laundry room (one time process)
• Start laundry machines via Bluetooth by scanning QR code on the machine
• Check your card/account balance, and add value to your account for laundry.

Greenwald Laundry App

The Greenwald Pay app makes laundry easier. Just add funds to your account*, select your machine and start your laundry. Through the app you can view your account history, check for available machines and get status updates on your laundry’s progress. No need to wait around.

MicroPayments GS Laundry App

The MicroPayments GS Payment App allows a user to pay for their laundry, directly from their smartphone, at participating laundry locations. Users can track and manage their laundry account balance, start washers and dryers. It is fast, easy and convenient.